Request Information about Self or Others

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679* and the Data Protection Act 2018* gives you the right of access to personal information held by public authorities.

To Request Personal Information about yourself 

Please include any details you think may help us locate the information you want.       

To Request Information about someone else

You must either have their informed written consent (if they are aged 13 or over), or hold parental responsibility for them (if they are under the age of 13). Please include any details you think may help us locate the information you want. Complete the form 

We will acknowledge your request usually within 5 working days.

You will need to provide something that confirms your current address, e.g. such as a recent bill or bank statement, and proof of your identity, e.g. a passport or driving licence. Please try to avoid sending us originals but instead send us certified (stamped and signed) copies of documents. You can get documents certified by professionals such as GPs or teachers, or alternatively at post office counters.

We have a month from the day after we receive your request and your supporting documents to provide the information. Under certain circumstances the time limit to respond to your request can be extended, for example if we hold a large amount of information about you. If we need to ask for any further information we will contact you.

There is no charge for this service.

Privacy Statement

If you would like to see our Privacy Statement click here.

Your Rights

Click here to see a table showing which rights you have with regards to the personal information Nottingham City Council holds on you.

What Happens if I'm Not Happy? 

If you are unhappy with the response to your request, you believe that an exemption has been incorrectly applied, or that you have not received all of the information you are entitled to you can request an internal review of the original response.

The Data Protection Manager will review your case to ensure that the officers dealing with the original request have done so in line with the requirements of the legislation.

Details of how to appeal will be provided with any response to your request.

To request an internal review you should write in the first instance to the Data Protection Manager, Data Protection, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG stating the reasons for your dissatisfaction.

Alternatively please contact us by email or telephone at:


Telephone: 0115 876 3855

If you remain dissatisfied you can follow this link to the Information Commissioner's Office and submit a complaint.

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