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The Nottingham Jobs Pledge ensures tomorrow's skills for your business.


Why is the Nottingham Jobs Pledge important to my business?

Attracting and retaining good staff is the number one concern for most companies.

So, we want to help you to future proof your skills needs by making it easier to recruit the right talent locally both now and in years to come.

Youth unemployment isn't just a community issue. It affects the day-to-day operations of businesses who could be taking advantage of a wealth of untapped talent and creativity on their doorsteps. Nottingham City Council and WORKing for YOUth know that healthy businesses are essential to our city's success and we want to work with you on this important issue.

There are lots of ways that your company can get involved - our aim is to streamline all those options, work with you to create a plan that fits and will meet the needs of your business. We will help you access funding and free recruitment and training services to make your Pledge a reality.

What is the Nottingham Jobs Pledge?

The activities you may want to engage in include:

  • Offering work experience placements to young children or adults
  • Creating new Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Creating new entry-level job opportunities for unemployed city residents
  • Offering internships; offer extended paid work experience for undergraduates
  • Supporting traineeship's: offering longer-term work placement opportunities to young people
  • Recruiting through NottinghamJobs.com, a free bespoke recruitment solution to meet employer's needs
  • Working with city schools to help develop employability skills in young people
  • In-kind sponsorship of pre-employment activities; such as use of facilities,staff volunteers for mock interviews etc
  • Using procurement activities to promote similar good practice through the supply chain
  • Financial sponsorship of employment and skills programmes

How can the Nottingham Jobs Pledge benefit me?

When you make your Pledge, you will benefit from:

  • Increased profile and publicity for supporting city growth
  • Access to funding
  • Access to a free, bespoke recruitment service
  • Impartial guidance on selecting the right training provider for your business needs
  • A single point of contact for support and funding through Nottingham City Council
  • A co-ordinated approach to delivering work experience through Job Centre Plus and Nottingham Futures
  • Support and guidance on delivering additional Pledge commitments
  • Access to Nottingham City Council procurement information and support

How do I make my Pledge?

An experienced and dedicated officer will explore with you how best to make your Pledge a reality and access any funding that's available to you.We will set up bespoke packages using a range of tools with no cost to your organisation.

Contact the Nottingham Jobs Pledge Team

T: 0115 876 2912
E: businessgrowth@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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