Exclusions from Schools

You can find what will happen next in the process and who you can contact for help and support.

When your child is excluded from school it can be a very difficult, upsetting and worrying time for you, your child and your family.

In most cases, other action should have been tried before excluding a pupil, however; it might be necessary for the Head Teacher to take immediate action if:

  • There have been breaches to the school’s behaviour policy
  • Allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the welfare of the pupil or others

Any exclusion should be issued on the principles of being rational, reasonable, fair and proportionate. It is important that exclusions are recorded officially to help identify where support is needed and allow everybody the opportunity to exercise their rights.

There are two types of exclusion: 

  • Fixed Period – Where your child has been excluded for a fixed number of days and will return to school

Fixed period exclusion guide

  • Permanent – Where your child is excluded permanently and would not to return to the school

Permanent exclusion guidance

Information about alternatives to exclusions:

There can be alternatives to exclusions within school or though fair access including managed moves or alternative provisions.

Alternative to exclusion

City support services and further information

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