Immigration Property Inspection

What is an immigration property inspection?

When you make an application as a sponsor for entrance clearance into the United Kingdom you may be asked to provide an independent assessment of  the property you intend to use.

A property assessment is to ensure the accommodation is of good quality and has sufficient number of rooms to accommodate the sponsored person(s) without making the property overcrowded.

The property must reach a certain standard in accordance with the Housing Act 1985.

The Safer Housing Team can carry out these inspections and provide you with the necessary documentation which can be used as part of a visa application.

There is a charge of £110 for the service.


We can only begin to process your request once the payment has been made. Be advised that the documentation we provide will only be valid for approximately 12 weeks from the date of the visit.

If you do not need the documentation within the next 4 weeks, please delay your request for 4 to 6 weeks before it is required.

If the confirmation document expires a further inspection and fee will be required.

To apply:

To apply you will need the following information for :

  • the sponsor including contact details
  • the sponsored person(s) entering the UK including full name, date of birth, age and passport number if available
  • the full address of the property they will occupy


Apply for a property inspection 

Or telephone the Customer Hub on 0115 915 2020

Once payment has been made an officer will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time to visit the property.

The inspection

A Safer Housing Officer will visit on the arranged date and time to carry out a full inspection of the accommodation.

A responsible adult needs to be present to show the officer around, to confirm spellings and sign a report to confirm that it is a true record at the time of the visit.

After the inspection

You will be supplied with documentation which will state:

  • the name(s) of the person(s) entering the UK
  • the permitted number of people for the property therefore confirming if the property would be overcrowded by the addition of the person(s) entering the UK
  • confirming if the property reaches the required standard
  • the name of the officer to contact for further information 

You will need to submit the supplied documentation within 12 weeks of the visit to the relevant authorities regarding your application.

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