Car Club

Information on the Nottingham Enterprise Car Club available for all local residents, businesses and visitors

Operated by Enterprise Car Club, the scheme is supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the Workplace Parking Levy and ties in with Nottingham City Council's transport and sustainable objectives that are set out within the Nottingham Growth Plan, Sustainable community strategy and the Local Transport Plan.

How Car Clubs Work

A car club is a membership scheme that offers pay-as-you-go basis car rental, as a member you can book a car online or over the phone minutes or months ahead of time and use remotely activated smartcards to unlock the vehicle. At the end of the journey you return your car to its dedicated on-street car club parking space, so you are always guaranteed a space.

If you have a Citycard you can use this as your membership card by simply calling Enterprise Car Club on 03452669290 and advising that you would like to use your Citycard to access vehicles instead of your Enterprise Car Club membership card. It's advised that you are with the car when you do this so that no other card is registered accidentally by passers by.

Benefits of Using a Car Club

  • Save you money - drivers who do less than 7,000 miles per year could save around £3,500 a year through petrol, insurance, tax and general car maintenance cost savings
  • Reduce the number of cars on the road - one car club car can result in removing 24 private vehicles off the road, due to members eventually selling their own car in place of a membership
  • Local businesses can also benefit as a car club hire can deliver a lower cost per mile than a fleet or pool car journey

Car Clubs and On-street Parking

There are currently 14 car club vehicles across the City in the following 11 locations:

  • Fulforth Street
  • Regent Street
  • Castle Gate (2 vehicles)
  • Canal Street
  • Station Street (2 vehicles)
  • Barker Gate (2 vehicles)
  • Brightmoor Street 
  • Castle Road
  • The Forest Park and Ride
  • Clarendon Street Car Park (Djanogly International Centre) *new*
  • Bulwell Riverside *new*
  • Bath Street *coming soon*

Car Club Offers

Half Price Residential Membership

Residents on Nottingham City can benefit from half price membership with Enterprise Car Club in their first year, simply visit the Enterprise Car Club website and use the code NOT301 when applying. 

Under 22 Car Hire

To help our under 22 year olds sustainably access a car without the often large associated costs of tax and insurance of a privately owned vehicle City Car Club are offering £6 a month membership fees for all under 22's. As long as you are at least 19 years old have held a full driving license for at least a year and have no more than 6 points on your license you can apply. Find out more about the Under 22 scheme at the Enterprise Car Club website.


Car Plus Demonstration Project

In November 2014 the City Council was awarded £37.5k by the Department for Transport to help further develop its part in Nottingham's integrated transport network. The funding has been used to create four new neighbourhood hubs at transport interchanges to offer access to a pool of shared cars (see *new* locations above). The Citycard, the Council's integrated smart ticket which currently offers train, tram, bus and bike travel, will also be used to access the City Cars.

The sites provide interchanges between bus, tram and train bike and the car club vehicles or Citycard cycles. This will increase the number of potential customers for the car club. The new car club vehicles procured will be a mix of low emission, hybrid / electric vehicles, complementing our fleet of shared EV vehicles and charging infrastructure, giving more people then opportunity to try more sustainable vehicles.

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